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About the Founder of Fasten Your Chains Jewelry Storage

A Word from Tricia:

How many times have you gone into your jewelry box at home to look for a necklace just to find that one or more of your chains has become tangled with the others? Not only is it frustrating, but it is time-consuming to detangle. So, out comes the tweezers and pins, and then the long and tedious task of separating them begins. If you wear jewelry, you have probably had this happen to you.

The idea for this product came about when I went on a trip to Hawaii with my family. As a result of the way I packed my  jewelry, I realized once I arrived back home to California, that all the jewelry I brought with me was gone.  Frantic, I called the  hotels I visited, and after a day or two of agony, I was told that the cleaning crew found my jewelry!

With this experience came the realization that there must be a better way to pack fine jewelry safely and securely, and thus Fasten Your Chains was born.  Our patent-pending "tuck foam technology" will allow each piece to be securely positioned and ready to wear upon arrival to your destination. Contact us to learn more about our jewelry storage.

Tricia, the Founder